Floorball 4 Hockey


With increasing costs of ice-times across North America, modern floor hockey/floorball is the right tool for creating fun, fast paced and useful off-ice training sessions.

Due to the many similarities between modern floor hockey and ice-hockey, modern floor hockey is the ultimate tool for ice-hockey teams where players are able to learn and improve their skills in an off-ice setting. Not only will the players enjoy practicing off-ice, the alternative training will bring great positive effects to the team’s on-ice performance.

USA Hockey has endorsed the sport of floorball due to these reasons.

Floorball will help hockey players improve their stickhandling, puck handling skills, agility, transition, hand/eye coordination and passing. Furthermore, floorball will help improve the hockey player’s small area game skills which will challenge the player to act under pressure and develop a better understanding of the game.

The off-ice setting will also give coaches an opportunity to truly evaluate their players needs and skills and will give the coaching staff an excellent opportunity to really work on a one-on-one basis with selected players.

Floorball is fast, fun and will assist hockey coaches in teaching players the fundamental skills and age appropriated training as described in the American Development Model (ADM). This type of cross over hockey activity will also help attract more players to the sport of ice-hockey since floorball sticks are affordable and the game can be played in virtually any setting.

The long list of current and former ice-hockey players who have played floorball as a supplement to their ice-hockey careers include names such as Henrik Lundquist (Rangers), Mats Sundin (Maple Leafs), the Sedin twins (Canucks), Gaborik (Kings), Zuccarello (Rangers) and many more.

Generation Floorball provides everything that you need in order to get your off-ice hockey training program going.

Our durable floorball sticks are an excellent choice for hockey-players since they will withstand the pressure and force that hockey players put on their equipment. Generation Floorball has also developed FLOORBALL4HOCKEY training solutions and materials which will ensure that hockey teams can maximize the outcome of their floorball training.

“Here in the US, hockey has been stuck with the feeling that development can only happen on the ice. With floorball, crucial skills and team work can now be developed and refined in an off-ice setting.

— Mike Bonelli - NYSAHA East District, Coaching Education Section Coordinator


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